Concrete Staining in Seguin, TX

This week we were over in Seguin, Tx staining some interior concrete floors. This was a new construction home, so the concrete was fairly clean. We stained the concrete floors with a coffee acetone dye, then applied two coats of solvent based acrylic sealer, and then applied two coats of wax.

Staining Concrete

Before Staining the Concrete

After Staining the Concrete

After Staining the Concrete

After Sealing the Concrete

After Sealing the Concrete




Staining Concrete With An Acetone Dye

Staining concrete with an acetone dye is a great alternative then using an acid stain to stain the concrete. Using an acetone dye gives the user more control over the final color, because acetone dyes do not react with the concrete to produce the color like acid stains; instead the fine particles of the dye penetrate deep into the pours of the concrete.

Acetone dyes are transparent and have a very similar look to acid stains. The main reason we typically use acetone dyes opposed to acid stains are because they are very fast to apply and can be sealed immediately after the concrete has been dyed.

Acetone dyes also have over 20 different colors to choose from and can be custom mixed to produce even more colors. There are 12 colors for exterior concrete applications.

Acetone dyes are the way to go when wanting to stain concrete that needs a fast turnaround time, a closer color match, and are wanting to custom make a color. They are also great for using with polished concrete.

acetone dyed concrete floor

Acetone Dyed Concrete Floor

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