Removing VCT & Staining Concrete Afterwards

This last week we got a job consisting of removing VCT flooring and then staining the concrete afterwards. The building was an older building so the chance the mastic under the VCT contained asbestos, so we decided to strip the mastic off instead of using the grinder.

After we stripped the mastic off we had to clean the concrete with a floor scrubber and degrease the floor because of using a soy bean based mastic stripper. We then acid stained the concrete using the color cola and then sealed the concrete with a solvent based sealer.

Removing VCTVCT Glue Removed & Concrete StainedVCT Flooring RemovedStained Concrete After Removing VCT


Removing Saltillo Tile in San Antonio

Removing Saltillo tile can be a daunting task, but for the people that do not like the tile it has to be done. There are two options for removing Saltillo tile, you can either cover it up with a leveler cement or simply demolition the tile and remove it.

Covering the Saltillo tile with leveling cement is the easiest option if the elevations allow for the added 1/4″ of cement. This process it not as easy as just pouring the cement on-top of the Saltillo tile, the tile must be prepped before doing this so the cement will bond properly.

If you want to completely remove the Saltillo tile you must beware that the tile is most likely sitting on a mud-base of Portland cement and sand. This mud-base could be 1/2″ thick or 3″ thick. So you need to plan on the elevation problems you could have if you simply remove the tile.

Below is a video of us removing the Saltillo tile and its mud-base. If you need Saltillo tile removal in San Antonio give us a call at (210) 422-6116 to schedule an appointment.

Resurfacing Over Mud-Base For Wood Floors

This week we prepared a mud-base for wood flooring. A mud-base is a cement-sand mixture that is fairly soft and brittle. The mud-base was placed because the home builder did not build the front entrance of the house higher than the outside patio, so to bring the floor up in the house they placed a mud-base and then tile.

During the tile removal the mud-base got chipped up in some areas as well. There were a lot of gouges in the mud-base that had to be filled and also leveled. The homeowner had two options he could either remove the 2 1/2″ of mud-base and place concrete or repair the mud-base for the wood floors.

They decided to repair the mud-base. To do this we had to coat the entire surface with an epoxy to make sure the mud-base would not break apart, the epoxy also helps the special repair mortars bond properly. After applying the repair mortar to fill all of the gouges we applied a self-leveling underlayment to finish off the repair.

Take a look at the video below of the job:

Removing Tile & Thin-Set Before Other Flooring Installations

Removing tiles and thin-set can be a big drag when deciding to get new flooring installed. There are times when you can place the new flooring directly on top of the tile if the elevation won’t be an issue, but a lot of times the tiles needs to be removed.

We use special chipping hammers attached to vacuums so the dust created breaking the tiles is minimized. We then remove the thin-set with grinders to create a nice surface for your new flooring to be installed on.

There are some flooring companies that do not require the thin-set to be removed, they will often just use a self-leveler cement to create a smooth surface. This is ok as long as the surface elevation will be ok, if you are trying to but up to an existing wood floor the best thing to do is grind the thin-set off so the new flooring will be flush.

For tile removal and concrete floor prep give us a call or text at (210) 422-6116.


Removing Tile

Removing Tile

Grinding Thin-Set

Grinding Thin-Set


Removing Tile From Concrete Floor

After we remove the tile from the concrete we will grind the remaining thin set off from the concrete to prepare for the next flooring. Grinding will also flatten the concrete to help the installation of the next flooring that will be put down.

Before removing the tile

Before removing the tile


After removing the tile & grinding

After removing the tile & grinding