First Step To Restoring Concrete

The first step when looking at repairing concrete is to determine what caused the concrete to fail. Concrete can fail from poor workmanship, environmental factors such as water penetration or atmosphere gasses penetrating, and chemical attack. When you figure out what caused the concrete to fail, you can then begin to plan what type of repair materials and processes you will need. For example, to repair a concrete parking garage that is failing from water penetrating into the concrete and corroding the steel reinforcement causing the concrete to spall will include two process. The first process will be to repair the spalling concrete, the second will be to waterproof the concrete to prevent further damage. This process will be different if the concrete is spalling because of bad workmanship, in this case you will only need to repair the spalled concrete and not waterproof the concrete.

The first step of identifying what is causing the concrete is the most important step if you want a long-term success full concrete repair. If you are in San Antonio, and need us to come take a look at your concrete repair, give us a call at 210-422-6116.



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