How To Choose What Type Of Concrete Sealer To Use

Are you thinking about sealing concrete and are not sure what type of sealer to use? Sealing concrete can be a challanging task if you do not follow the instructions from the manufacture of the sealer and use the wrong concrete floor sealer.

There are two categories of concrete floor sealers:

  1. Penetrating types
  2. Film forming types

Each type of sealer is used in different situations depending on what you are trying to achieve when sealing the concrete floor.

If you are just trying to protect concrete from salt attack and water damage, the cheapest and easiest type of concrete floor sealer to use would be a penetrating sealer. This sealer is good for maintaining concrete and will help prevent the concrete from delaminating.

Penetrating sealers are not the only type of sealer that will help keep the concrete in sound condition; film forming concrete floor sealers will also help, but they will also add other benefits:

  • protect the surface from scratching
  • are better at resisting harsh chemical attacks such as acid (epoxies & polyurethane’s)
  • will darken and bring out the colors in stained concrete
  • can be used to change the color of concrete

Film forming sealers are a little more tricky applying then penetrating sealers. You must make sure not to over apply and cross roll so you do not leave roller lines. In hot windy conditions you will also need to make sure sections of the sealer are not drying, if you apply more sealer in those areas you will have lap lines.



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