Maintaining Stained Concrete Floors

Just like every other flooring, stained concrete floors need to be maintained. They should be able to last 10 – 20 years with the proper maintenance.

Daily and weekly maintenance should include dust mopping the stained floors removing any small pieces of dirt that has the capabilities of scratching the sealer protecting the stained floors. You should also wet mop the floors with a ph-neutral detergent to remove any caked on dirt.

The sealer protecting the stained floors will eventually wear away due the traffic eroding the sealer away. The good news is that in interior areas their can be a wax applied on top of the sealer. The wax is a very easy and cost effective way of protecting the sealer from wearing away. Waxing should be done at least once a year possibly more if it is in a commercial area.

Waxing the stained floors is not a hard task it is just like getting your carpets clean every so often. The large pieces of furniture do not need to be removed from the areas that need to be re-waxed, just small items with legs such as chairs.

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