Resurfacing Over Mud-Base For Wood Floors

This week we prepared a mud-base for wood flooring. A mud-base is a cement-sand mixture that is fairly soft and brittle. The mud-base was placed because the home builder did not build the front entrance of the house higher than the outside patio, so to bring the floor up in the house they placed a mud-base and then tile.

During the tile removal the mud-base got chipped up in some areas as well. There were a lot of gouges in the mud-base that had to be filled and also leveled. The homeowner had two options he could either remove the 2 1/2″ of mud-base and place concrete or repair the mud-base for the wood floors.

They decided to repair the mud-base. To do this we had to coat the entire surface with an epoxy to make sure the mud-base would not break apart, the epoxy also helps the special repair mortars bond properly. After applying the repair mortar to fill all of the gouges we applied a self-leveling underlayment to finish off the repair.

Take a look at the video below of the job:

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