Stained Concrete Floor Maintenance

Steps For Maintaining Stained Concrete Floors

  1. Use ph-neutral cleaner for daily cleaning. 
  2. Be sure to clean all spills immediately with an absorbent towel.
  3. When re-applying wax, be sure to clean the floors with the ph-neutral cleaner first and make sure all dirt and any animal hair is off the floor as this will get stuck in the was.
  4. Brands of wax that can be used on stained concrete floors can be found at The Stain Store.
  5. Burnishing the wax every couple of months is a great way of removing scuffs in the wax and to pop a shine. Burnishing is not an absolute must, it will only help in reducing how often you have to apply wax to the floor. Burnishers cost around $800.00, it is good investment if you are wanting your stained concrete floors to look great all the time and will also reduce your time of re-applying wax.
  6. For a video demonstration on how to wax stained concrete floors click here.
  7. Floor mats should be backed by high quality vinyl.

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