How Long Will Stained Concrete Last?

The question we get asked all of the time is: How long will stained concrete last? The answer to this questions is it depends. It depends on:

  1. How was the concrete prepped
  2. What type of concrete stain was used
  3. What type of sealer was used
  4. Maintenance

When staining concrete you want to make sure the surface is profiled the right way. The concrete stain needs to be able to penetrate into the surface and you also want to make sure the sealer will have something to grip onto. The way you prep the surface of the concrete will depend on what type of concrete stain you will be using and what type of sealer will be used.

The type of concrete stain used will also affect the longevity of the stained concrete floor. Acid stains will outlast any other type of concrete stain since it physically changes the color of the concrete. So if you are looking for a concrete floor that will last a very long time, the best type of stain to use is an acid stain.

The type of sealer you want to use depend on how much traffic will be on the floor. Thicker build sealers are better for commercial areas; however, they will still wear away. Once they develop wear patterns in the sealer it is hard to fix. For residential homes, an acrylic sealer will last a very long time if it is maintained properly with wax. For instance, my father has an acid stained floor with an acrylic sealer and has been maintained properly and has lasted 15 years with no wear patterns.

When you are looking for a cost affective, long term flooring, acid stained concrete is an excellent option. As long as you have the right installer, and you maintain the floor you will be satisfied.