Stained Concrete = DIY Easiest Floor To Install

Are you a DIY’er and need new flooring in your house? Stained concrete is the easiest flooring option for DIY project. When staining concrete you do not need any saws or special equipment. All you need is some safety protection gear and a pump up sprayer.

The hardest part about staining concrete is getting the color close to what you are looking for. The only concrete staining tip I can give you on colors is to always start with a strong dilution, meaning dilute the stain with a lot of water (if it is a water based stain) to make it lighter. You can always make the concrete floor darker, but once you have made the floor to dark you will not be able to lighten the color. You also want to consider what the floor will look like when it is sealed, most sealers will darken the floor.

Other then getting the color close to what you are looking for, staining the concrete is nothing more than spraying the concrete down using a pump sprayer with the stain in it.

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