Concrete Staining Tips – Sampling Acid Stain Colors

When ever you are completed cleaning the concrete, it is always a good idea to test a small amount of acid stain on the actual concrete that is going to be stained, before you start staining the whole concrete floor. We recommend using an area such as a closet or an area that cannot easily be seen, because you cannot remove the acid stain from the concrete.

This is the time you can play around with different dilution ratios to get the color you want. You can dilute the acid stain as much as 1:15 if you are wanting a very light color. You can also mix colors to create custom colors.

When you are all finished with putting the samples down, you want to get a wet towel or mop and go over the sample areas. This will mimic what it will look like when the floors are sealed. Most of the times when you apply the sealer to the stained concrete floors they will darken up dramatically, so don’t stain the floors too dark if you are wanting a lighter color. Sometimes you wont even be able to notice the floors have been acid stained until you put the sealer down.


Concrete Staining Tips – Removing The Carpet Tak Strip Before Staining The Concrete

removing carpet tak strip

Removing the carpet tak strip before staining the concrete.

If you are planning to stain your concrete floor in your house and currently have carpet on the floor, one thing to be certain to expect is the small divots that will be in the concrete along the wall. These are caused by removing the tak strip that is used to hold the carpet in place.

The only efficient way of removing these tak strips is to use a hammer and a ez-pry bar. Try to use the pry bar where the nails are going into the concrete or else the wood strip will just break in half.

You have the option to fill these small divots with grout, but they will still stand out if you will be using an acid stain for staining the concrete. This is because the acid stain reacts differently with the patching material then the concrete floor around the patch. If you choose to use an acetone dye to stain the concrete this will help hide the small divots after patching them, this is becuase they do not have to react with the patching material to produce the color.