Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchen Floors

Epoxy flooring is the best flooring option for commercial kitchens. Epoxy flooring does not have joints like tile that will get filled with grease an will be hard to clean.┬áThere are many epoxy systems to pick from to fit the needs of the kitchen. The systems range from basic two coat applications to troweled down epoxy mortar systems for a very long lasting floor. 

Epoxy Floor In Commercial Kitchen

Epoxy Floor In Commercial Kitchen




Epoxy Garage Flooring

Epoxy coatings are a great choice for covering garage floors. The only downfall about the epoxy coatings is that if it is not installed correctly it could be a disaster.

Most of the time when an epoxy coating starts to peel off from the concrete it is because the concrete surface was not prepared right. The best way to prepare the concrete surface before installing an epoxy coating is to grind the concrete to open up the pours so the epoxy can soak in and bond properly.

Another issue with epoxies is that they do not let the concrete slab breathe. If their is a moisture problem, the epoxy will bubble and peel off. It is always a good idea to check how much moisture is passing thew the concrete slab. If their is a moisture problem you will then have to prime the concrete slab with a vapor solve product before applying the epoxy coating.

Those two problems cause many epoxy coating failures. It is recommended for contractors with the proper equipment to install epoxy coatings so they will last a long time. Most Do-It-Yourself epoxy coatings are very thin and contain a low percent of solids that will decrease the life of the coating.

Epoxy garage floor

Epoxy Coated Garage Floor