Removing Tile & Thin-Set Before Other Flooring Installations

Removing tiles and thin-set can be a big drag when deciding to get new flooring installed. There are times when you can place the new flooring directly on top of the tile if the elevation won’t be an issue, but a lot of times the tiles needs to be removed.

We use special chipping hammers attached to vacuums so the dust created breaking the tiles is minimized. We then remove the thin-set with grinders to create a nice surface for your new flooring to be installed on.

There are some flooring companies that do not require the thin-set to be removed, they will often just use a self-leveler cement to create a smooth surface. This is ok as long as the surface elevation will be ok, if you are trying to but up to an existing wood floor the best thing to do is grind the thin-set off so the new flooring will be flush.

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Removing Tile

Removing Tile

Grinding Thin-Set

Grinding Thin-Set


Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete is a great flooring option for high traffic areas. When polishing concrete there are no sealers or waxes put on the concrete that can wear away. Polished concrete uses progressively finer and finer diamond pads until the concrete is very dense. Decorative concrete stains can be applied to add extra appeal to the concrete floor.

Polished concrete with the use of a newer technology penetrating sealer is great for in side homes, residential garages, retail stores, commercial spaces, and even exterior concrete.

Here are a few pictures of a garage floor stained, polished, and sealed.

Polished Concrete in Garage

Polished Concrete in Garage

Polished Concrete in Garage

Polished Concrete in Garage


Sealed Interior Concrete Floors

Sealing interior concrete floors is a great contemporary look. Sealed concrete floors is a very cost affect floor that just involves cleaning the concrete and applying the sealer. There are many different sealers to choose from depending on if the owner wants I gloss finish or a matte finish. There is also the option of grinding the concrete before applying the sealer to expose some of the rocks in the concrete.

Take a look at the photo below of a recent job we completed. This concrete floor was cleaned and then had a solvent based acrylic sealer applied.

Sealed Concrete Floors

Sealed Concrete Floors

Removing Tile From Concrete Floor

After we remove the tile from the concrete we will grind the remaining thin set off from the concrete to prepare for the next flooring. Grinding will also flatten the concrete to help the installation of the next flooring that will be put down.

Before removing the tile

Before removing the tile


After removing the tile & grinding

After removing the tile & grinding

Upstairs Concrete Overlay & Acid Stained

You can have stained concrete floors on a second story of a house, even if it has wood subfloors. The process consists of laying building paper, nailing metal lath, filling the metal lath with a repair mortar, apply modified-polymer overlay, acid staining, and sealing.

The modified-polymer overlay will actually bend and give some without cracking; since the cement is mixed with a polymer, which is like a liquid rubber. The weight of the total process is not anymore than laying tile on the second floor. The total thickness is about 1/4 of an inch.

Below are photos of the process taken to complete this job.

Wood floor before overlay

Wood Floor Before Overlay

Metal Lath On Floor

Building Paper & Metal Lath On Floor

Repair Mortar

Repair Mortar Placed In Metal Lath

Acid Stained

Overlayed & Acid Stained



Flooring Options

Are you getting ready to remodel your house and haven’t decided on what type of flooring to use?

There are many flooring options available and by fair the most unique and durable type of flooring is stained concrete. This type of flooring can be used inside and outside of a house or in commercial areas. The prices for stained concrete in the San Antonio area run about $3.00 a square foot installed.

Another good thing about this type of flooring is that the owner has some options to customize it to the way they want it to be. They can choose to use multiple colors, have a high shine or a matte finish, or have a custom saw cut pattern.

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stained concrete floor

Stained concrete floor.

Are you sick of your tile flooring?

Concrete floors that are covered in tile or linoleum can be easily removed with chisel scalers. After the existing flooring is removed the concrete is either ground with a diamond grinder and then the concrete is stained or a polymer cement can be applied to give the concrete a nice clean look before applying the concrete stain.

This is a great option for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms that have an existing floor covering such as tile or linoleum. Concrete floors are very easy to clean when drinks and other liquid items spill on the floors.

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