Spalled Concrete Repaired & Resurfaced

This concrete entrance way had a very big area delaminating. Before we begin to repair the concrete we have to check to see if there are any hollow spots in the concrete. We check by banging a hammer or running chains over the surface of the concrete. This concrete had a lot of hollow spots that were chiseled out.

Before repairing concrete

Before Repairing Concrete Entrance

After Chiseling Out Bad Areas

After Chiseling Out Bad Areas

Close up of chiseled out concrete

Close up of chiseled out concrete

You can notice in the picture above the edges are cut 90 degrees, this is because you do not want the repair mortar to be feathered out at the edges.

After Repair Mortar Paced

After Repair Mortar Placed

Concrete Resurfaced With Heavy Broom Finish

Concrete Resurfaced With Heavy Broom Finish

After the concrete has been resurface you apply a concrete stain to add color to the newly refinished concrete.


Spalled Concrete Repaired, Resurfaced, & Acid Stained

To properly repair spalled concrete, all of the loose concrete needs to removed and the edges need to be cut 90 degrees so that the repair mortar will not break up in the future.

Spalled Concrete Repair

Spalled Concrete Cut Out. All Edges Cut To 90 Degree

After the loose concrete has been cut out, the area is pressure washed to clean any loose rust and particles. Then the area is filled with a high strength repair mortar.

Fixing a concrete step, depending on the extent of the damage must also be cut out completely at a 90 degree angle to prevent the repair mortar from feather-edging. If you can, try to completely expose the rebar in the concrete for the repair mortar to grab on to. If you cannot expose the rebar you can add a piece by drilling in bolts into the concrete then tie a piece of rebar to them. Make sure there will be at least one and a quarter inch of repair mortar on top of the rebar.

repair mortar filled

Areas Filled With Repair Mortar

Once the repair mortar is set the repair is completed; although, you can resurface the whole concrete patio with a polymer modified cement to completely hide the repair area.  After resurfacing the concrete you can acid stain the patio to add some color to the polymer modified cement.

patio resurfaced & acid stained

Patio Resurfaced & Acid Stained