The Benefits of Waterproofing Concrete

We all have heard that concrete is like a sponge and soaks up everything, for example motor oil in a driveway. Stain/Waterproofing concrete to prevent motor oil from soaking into concrete is obvious because you don’t want to see a big dark stain, but what about waterproofing concrete to prevent water from soaking in? Water doesn’t leave a big ugly spot like oil does, so what is the benefit of waterproofing concrete. It turns out that water can damage concrete in more ways oil can, sure oil leaves an ugly stain, but water will soak deep down and begin to corrode the rebar causing areas of the concrete to spall off. Another reason why it is good to waterproof concrete, especially when areas are prone to have freezing rain, is that when water soaks into the concrete and then freezes it expands and will pit the concrete eventually the concrete will need to be replaced. So be sure to have your concrete waterproofed to prevent stains and also water damage.

Spalling Concrete Underneath Exterior Stairs

A common area for spalling concrete is underneath exterior formed concrete stairs. The spalling is caused by water seeping into the concrete corroding the rebar. As the rust forms on the rebar it expands causing the concrete to break off.

To prevent this from happening, you should have the top surface of the concrete stairs waterproofed. Waterproofing concrete involves prepping the concrete and then troweling on a special waterproofing cement. This will help prevent water from soaking into the concrete corroding the rebar.

Benefits of Waterproofing Concrete

Waterproofing concrete and other masonry surfaces will help prolong the life of the the structure. Water damages concrete by slowly eroding the surface of the concrete; a lot of times you can notice the larger rocks showing in an older concrete sidewalk because the top cream of the concrete has eroded away.

Waterproofing will keep the concrete looking like it first did when it was poured. Waterproofing concrete will help prevent concrete from eroding and becoming pitted adding time to the life of the structure. Waterproofing will also help prevent the rebar in the concrete from rusting which causes the concrete to start spalling off.

Any masonry surface such as: brick, stone, concrete, and cinder block will benefit from applying a waterproofing sealer.

MVL Concrete can help restore concrete and seal the concrete to help eliminate the harm done by water, we offer waterproofing service in San Antonio, Texas.

Waterproofing Concrete

Waterproofing Concrete