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Michael Latimer has been working on building since he was a teenager building on his fathers property. After finishing high school his mom wanted her concrete floors in the house stained. She happen to have a friend that was in the concrete staining business, he was nice enough to teach Michael how to stain the concrete floors to do his moms. After finishing his moms floors in 2008, he started to advertise for concrete staining. In 2009 he got his first paid concrete staining job, he was contract to stain the offices at a mechanics shop. After this job he began to continue staining concrete. During this time he also was going to college eventually earning a bachelor degree in finance. Over the past 10 years he has always wanted to do jobs that would interest him. That lead him on to starting to repair concrete and stone surfaces. 
From concrete restoration to decorative concrete work.
Concrete Restoration Photo
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