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Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is achieved by using large polishing machines that have rotating heads fitted with diamonds. The process of changing to finer diamonds each pass will help densify and produce a shine naturally. Concrete polishing is a good choice for someone who wants a floor that will look modern but also be abrasion resistant.

Concrete Repairs

Over time as concrete gets rained on, walked on and driven on it will require repairs. Concrete can crack, spall, delaminate, and erode do to the above forces that act on it. Making repairs will help prolong the structure.

Decorative Concrete

Concrete doesn’t have to be just a broom surface anymore. There are decorative stains, pigments, and different application methods to make concrete look more pleasing. We can stain concrete inside or outside, and if it is done right will last a long time.


Waterproofing concrete is crucial in many applications where the concrete is exposed to a lot of moisture. Moisture that soaks into concrete will eventually find its way to the re-bar will it can cause corrosion spalling the concrete. Waterproofing will prevent any water to migrate into the concrete. Waterproofing is different than sealing, sealing will not completely block out the water. Waterproofing is commonly used on parking garages, overhead concrete balconies, sidewalks, rooftop gardens, foundations, and many other areas.

Stone Polishing & Sealing

Stone polishing is done the same way as we polish concrete, it uses diamond abrasives and chemicals to resurface the stone. Most of the times the stone is able to be restored by sanding down to a new layer and than polishing it to a high shine or a matte finish. We than seal the stone to help protect from staining and erosion. We also seal stone building cladding to help protect from water damage and erosion.

Building Restoration

We repair and restore stone, brick, stucco, concrete, cinder block building facades. We are able to clean the surface with different equipment such as hot water power washers, soda blasters, sanders, and some times just brushes. After cleaning we can make the necessary patches and repairs before painting or sealing the facade.
From concrete restoration to decorative concrete work.
Chipping Concrete
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