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Concrete Rooftop Waterproofing

This concrete rooftop was previously covered with tar and gravel. The owner/architect wanted to make the rooftop a usable rooftop garden and wanted it to be waterproof but also aesthetically pleasing. We suggested to use a product called Membrane C by Miracote. It is a waterproofing cement that can be a stand alone product or be topped with tile, stone, or a decorative concrete topping. The benefits of using this product is that it is light weight, lighter in color and will reduce the amount of sunlight absorbed into the building, and its ability to flex. Please take a look at the photos and video about the job:  
Removing the Pebbles From Rooftop Waterproofing Corners

1st Step Removing The


2nd Step Removing The

Tar From The Concrete

3rd Step Waterproofing

The Corners With Fiber

Applying Membrane C Membrane C Applied & Waterproofing Completed

4th Step Prime & Start

Applying The Membrane


Membrane C Applied &

The Concrete Is Now

Waterproofed Ready For


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