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Travertine Lippage Removal & Polishing

This travertine floor was installed with severe lippage in the bathroom. The owner hired us to grind down the lippage to make the stone even and then re- polish the travertine to a high shine. We began by using a large grind with diamond pads to grind the high parts of the stone down to make it flat. Afterwards we switched to finer diamond pads to bring the stone to a high shine.  
Concrete Breaking Off Due To Rebar Corroding After Chipping The Concrete Out & Around The Rebar Concrete Patched With Overhead Repair Material Small Piece Of Concrete Spalling Spalled Concrete Chipped Out
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Chipping Concrete
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Travertine Lippage

Grinding Lippage


Travertine Polished

Travertine Polished

Travertine Polished